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Integration Rockstars: Meet IDC’s March 2024 Cohort! 🎸🤘

Workato employee
Workato employee

March 2024 Cohort (2).jpg

Welcome to Automation Institute’s Systematic series in which we highlight the achievements and get advice from our latest cohort of certified integration developers! Their dedication, hard work, and commitment to excellence have earned them a well-deserved place among the industry. 

The Integration Developer Certification (IDC) is Automation Institute’s most rigorous certification, designed to challenge and validate the skills of our participants. Each candidate undergoes a comprehensive assessment, ranging from an integration development multiple-choice exam all the way to creating working solutions to tackle our case study scenarios. The IDC is unique compared to our other certifications since it consists of:

  • Workato experts grading submissions and giving detailed feedback on submission solutions
  • Limited amount of seats available on a monthly basis
  • Recognition amongst and within our Systematic community
  • Limited amount of assessment attempts

We asked our certified professionals some questions on the certification and here’s what they had to say:

1) What motivated you to take this course?

Dhara Shah: The decision to pursue the IDC certification was deeply rooted in my passion for integration architecture and my belief in the transformative power of the Workato platform. Having been intricately involved in numerous integration projects within my organization, I recognized the pivotal role that Workato plays in streamlining workflows and driving digital transformation. Moreover, the strategic endorsement of Workato by my organization further solidified my determination to deepen my expertise through certification. I saw it as not only an opportunity to enhance my skills but also as a strategic investment in my professional development, aligning perfectly with my career aspirations in the field of integration architecture.”

Akash Ranglani: “I was motivated to pursue the Workato Integration Developer Certification because of my keen interest in integration technologies and their potential to streamline business processes. I saw this certification as an opportunity to deepen my understanding of integration principles and gain hands-on experience with the Workato platform, which is widely recognized for its power and versatility. Additionally, I was drawn to the certification & focus on practical skills and real-world applications. I saw it as a way to enhance my ability to design and implement complex integrations."

2) How did earning this certification impact your confidence and/or professional career/goals/aspirations?

Dhara Shah: “Earning the IDC certification has been a transformative experience, elevating both my confidence and professional standing. It has not only validated my expertise in integration architecture but also solidified my position as a trusted expert within my organization. This newfound confidence has empowered me to tackle more complex projects and lead integration initiatives with unwavering conviction. Ultimately, the certification has been instrumental in propelling my career forward and aligning with my aspirations in the dynamic field of integration technologies.”

Aditya Nerella: “Earning the Workato Integration Developer Certification has significantly boosted my confidence in my abilities to design and implement robust integration solutions. Professionally, it has opened up new opportunities and strengthened my profile. It aligns perfectly with my career goals of becoming an integration solution engineer.”

3) What advice would you give to others looking to earn the IDC?

Aditya Nerella:  My advice to those looking to earn the IDC are:

  • Integration Design Fundamentals: First, gain a fundamental understanding of designing integrations with a focus on various aspects like modularity, reusability, scalability, resilience, security, traceability, etc. 
  • Course Materials: Take full advantage of the course materials found in the Workato Academy, as the courses are very detailed and thorough.
  • Hands-on Experience: While going through the courses, I recommend going hands-on to build and test various recipes to gain a deeper understanding of the various components of Workato and how they can be utilized together to solve business problems.
  • Workato Resources: Additionally, Workato's Product Hub blogs and Product Hour video series are extremely helpful for both beginners and professionals alike. These resources are free and provide valuable insights, best practices, and real-world examples that can enhance your learning experience and practical application of integration concepts.

These strategies were instrumental in my success in earning the Workato Integration Developer Certification, and I believe they will be beneficial for anyone aiming to achieve the same.”

Akash Ranglani: “My advice to others looking to earn the Workato Integration Developer Certification would be to thoroughly familiarize yourself with the Workato platform and its capabilities. Practice building integrations and workflows in a variety of scenarios to gain hands-on experience. Additionally, make use of the resources provided by Workato, such as documentation, tutorials, and community forums, to deepen your understanding of the platform.”

A warm thank you for Dhara, Aditya, & Akash for giving their thoughts and advice on the IDC. 

Ready to put your Workato integration skills to the test? Enroll into our program and enter into next month’s cohort.