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Our January Automation Institute Pro of the Month!

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We’ve kicked off a new series on the Automation Institute Community, where we showcase one incredible person taking Automation Institute content each month. 

The selection criteria are: 

  1. Being active on Automation Institute in the given month
  2. Having the most courses completed in the given month
  3. Other usage considerations

I’m excited to announce that the winner of the inaugural Automation Institute Pro of the Month is Michael Volikas, a Manager at Lionpoint Group.

Screen Shot 2023-02-16 at 9.11.11 AM.png

We asked Michael a few questions about automation, Workato, and his experience with Automation Institute: 

  • How did learning about automation impact your professional career / goals / aspirations?
    • It has opened up opportunities to add to my personal value proposition as a consultant.  My existing specialty is EPM applications and the topic of integration with ERP systems to automate the import of master lists and actuals data inevitably arises when discussing system implementations with clients.  Learning about Workato's ability to automate the movement of data between systems has driven me to further explore and upskill myself in this aspect, with a view to adding low-code/no-code systems integrations to my skillset and service offering.
  • What was your favorite course you took from the Automation Institute? Why?
    • Transforming Data with Formulas.  I have spent many years transforming large datasets with MS Excel through the utilisation of macros and I was impressed with Workato's ability to apply formulas across large datasets with relative ease.
  • What topic would you like Workato's Automation Institute to cover?
    • Automations which focus on interactions with ERP systems, as there are a lot of potential use cases to be addressed.  The vast majority of courses which I have completed to date have featured Messaging, CRM, Incident/Issue Management and Payment systems such as Slack, Salesforce, Jira and Stripe.
  • What advice would you give to others considering a career in automation?
    • Invest time in understanding the structure and format of the underlying databases (field contents, table relationships) which underpin the applications in which you are interested in automating tasks, as this will assist greatly with building successful automations.

Congrats to Michael again on the achievement, and we look forward to seeing your continued journey with Automation Institute! 

If you are hoping to be featured as the next Automation Institute Pro of the Month, make sure to keep learning and getting certified via Automation Institute and keep your eye out for an email at the beginning of the month.