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Introduce Yourself & Meet Your Fellow Community Members

Deputy Chef III
Deputy Chef III

Hi there 👋

New to the Systematic Community? Welcome! Let's get to know each other a bit!

Introduce yourself by answering these questions in the comments below, and read through the comments to meet your fellow community members.

I'll kick things off:
-Current role: I recently joined Workato as a Sr. Community Programs Manager - my goal is to use my 8+ years of experience in Community Management to continue to grow the community and create an overarching strategy for both Workato Pros & Systematic+ . This strategy will include programs and engagement tactics that help our members get the most out of their community memberships.
-Where you're located: I work from my home office in New Orleans, Louisiana
-Background in Automation: I've been a Community Management in the B2B software space my entire career, but I joined the Automation Industry with my previous role at an RPA company. Workato is my first venture into Enterprise Automation and I've loved getting to know more about its capabilities and use cases - and I'm looking forward to learning more from the community!
-Why you joined the Systematic Community: I'm looking forward to getting to know all of our members and building out some great programs that enhance the community experience.


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi, Systematic community!

I'm so excited for us to be beginning a new chapter here in this forum! I'm Meghan, one of your Community Managers.

 Current Role: For the past several months, I have been moderating the Workato Pros (formerly known as Automation Pros) community and will continue to do so here. I am also hard at work with other social media projects here at Workato, including our monthly newsletter, Workato Wire, published on LinkedIn and Twitter, and our #HumansOfWorkato series on LinkedIn and Instagram.

🗽 Where I'm located: NYC. I recently moved to Williamsburg, Brooklyn after several years on the west side of Manhattan. Always ready to discuss best restaurants in the area, so bring it on!

⚙️ Background in Automation: I have to admit, I'm a newbie! Most of what I know about automation comes from this community and the work I do for our social media team. I didn't join Workato for the automation: I'm here because I am so impressed by the tech and the passionate people behind it. Coincidentally, today is my one year anniversary at Workato. I'm as grateful as ever to be a part of this team!  😊

👩‍🍳 Why I love Systematic: This group is a unique resource because everyone here is especially qualified in their own usage of Workato's product. We have thousands of industry professionals here, each crafting your own recipes using different actions, triggers, applications, libraries... the possibilities are endless, and you guys are the proof! 

Other facts about me:

  • 🥘 I love to cook. Most of my free time is spent trying new recipes or creating new dishes with my partner. I'm even working on my own cookbook!
  • 📚 I also love to read and have almost completed my 2022 reading challenge (15 books). Some standouts from this year include Dune by Frank Herbert (I read the first three this year), The Midnight Library by Matt Haig, and Atomic Habits by James Clear.

Anyone else a pretty avid reader or an NYC foodie??

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey, all!

It’s exciting to see you all here in our brand-new community! I'm Mary, one of your Community Managers, and this is my third year supporting this group!

👋 Current Role: I manage the Systematic+ community and organize our events, webinars, AMAs, collaborative articles, and resources! 

🌤 Where I'm located: San Francisco! If you have any good food recommendations, please send them my way - I am open to trying new things!

⚙️ Background in Automation: While I do not come from a technical background, I am three years into my “automation journey.” It’s been great to learn from working with a community of automation SMEs and soaking up all their best practices and ideas. 

👩‍🍳 Why I love Systematic: I will say this time and time again, it’s all about the people. Community members are so willing to share their knowledge and step up to be leaders in their industries and that is so inspiring to me. 

Other facts about me:

  • 🍜I enjoy cooking but not the cleaning part! I often plan family-style dinners and enjoy having dinner parties. 
  • 🚶‍♀️I love taking leisurely walks around the city or to new neighborhoods!
Community Manager

Deputy Chef II
Deputy Chef II


Current Role: I Work for Epicor Software as a Sr. Technology Consultant 

Where you're located: Coahuila de Zaragoza, Mexico

Background in Automation: Well on the use of the Workato App i have been using the app for 1 year, on the other hand i used to do some automation on my own with code for task needed like Save time log on Production line (past job), Quote specific files like Report from Crystal or Backup of Services Connect automatically just by taking the file.

Why you joined Systematic Community: As i am giving consultation for customers, i need to get to know more information for all other Connectors that are not Epicor Kinetic to be able to give the best possible information or develops 

Deputy Chef II
Deputy Chef II

Current role:  I currently work for the Enterprise support and training division of Epic Games as the Training Team Technical Manager.  I'm responsible for finding new tools to make our team's workflows more efficient.  I also work in Airtable and have built our entire catalog of courses as well as training event tracking.  

-Where you're located: I work from my home office in Desert Hot Springs, CA
-Background in Automation: Prior to Airtable, I'd not worked with automations much at all.  However, I've built many automations within Airtable that work with Google Calendar, and some Google sheets.  Salesforce is another tool we work with and there will be some integration and automations put in place at some point.  
-Why you joined the Systematic Community: I'm looking to establish a good support base of workato minded folks that are looking to make their workflows more efficient.  I look forward to virtually meeting everyone!