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Introduce Yourself & Meet Your Fellow Community Members

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi there 👋

New to the Systematic Community? Welcome! Let's get to know each other a bit!

Introduce yourself by answering these questions in the comments below, and read through the comments to meet your fellow community members.

I'll kick things off:
-Current role: I recently joined Workato as a Sr. Community Programs Manager - my goal is to use my 8+ years of experience in Community Management to continue to grow the community and create an overarching strategy for both Workato Pros & Systematic+ . This strategy will include programs and engagement tactics that help our members get the most out of their community memberships.
-Where you're located: I work from my home office in New Orleans, Louisiana
-Background in Automation: I've been a Community Management in the B2B software space my entire career, but I joined the Automation Industry with my previous role at an RPA company. Workato is my first venture into Enterprise Automation and I've loved getting to know more about its capabilities and use cases - and I'm looking forward to learning more from the community!
-Why you joined the Systematic Community: I'm looking forward to getting to know all of our members and building out some great programs that enhance the community experience.


Community Manager
Community Manager

Welcome to Systematic, Sean! 

Community Manager

Workato employee
Workato employee

Hey folks!

Current role: I am the Director of Certification and Education at Workato. We're working on growing both our product-specific and product-agnostic certifications to give you all better ways to learn and differentiate yourselves!

Where you're located: I split my time working from Maine in the summers and working in Charleston, SC in the winters.

Background in Automation: I have some background in automation from my time at HubSpot. I was for ~8 years leading the certification program there and we used various automation to improve learner and user experience. More recently, I got my Marketing Process Automation Certification (new from Workato!)

Why you joined the Systematic Community: I'm hoping to hear from everyone about what content and education they would like to see and how we can build a better certification program.