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What’s trending at Workato? - January 22nd 2024

Workato employee
Workato employee

Easier, faster access to the Workato Support Portal!

You can now access our Support Portal  ( to submit tickets from any workspace you're logged into!

Why is this important?
The Support Portal is where many customers go to submit the issues they face on our platform which is triaged by our Product Support team.
Previously, users could only access the support portal when logged into their "personal" workspace which tended to break the end user's flow and important information had to be copy-pasted elsewhere before being entered in the ticket. With this enhancement, users will be able to access the portal without having to switch back and forth between the workspace they were working in, and their personal workspaces.


Check out our Support Portal 

Workato Insights - Private Preview Available 
The biggest tragedy of automation is that it cannot really be seen.
- Massimo Pezzini

 What is it?
Insights is a low-code analytics platform that allows customers to access, transform and visualize their Workato-based data. It is fully customizable, allowing customers to build the dashboards they want. Having full visibility into automation and integration is a key element of overall adoption and growth.

 Use cases

  • Process analytics - given their process implemented in Workato (e.g. order to cash, customer support automation etc.) customers can visualize key KPIs of that process
  • App analytics - for a Workflow App, customers can build a dashboard to report on workflow metrics and trends
  • Usage Analytics - operational & usage reporting of Workato, and ROI calculations.

How does it work?
Insights are currently available as part of Workflow Apps, and the dashboards are presented in the App portal. The dashboard is a page that can be added as a tab to an App, once it's been built. Going forward, we plan to bring them inside the Workato UI too.
Currently, Insights can access 3 types of data sources:

  • Individual recipe job history (with custom columns) - to report on any recipe’s results
  • Workflow Apps data
  • Table Storage data
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Connectivity Team Updates - December 2023
In the month of December, we have released 17 connectors and a new AI-Driven recipe to the Community Library!

Check what’s new on Product Hub:
Community Connectors: What’s new in December
Next-Level Hiring: AI-Driven Job Interview Analysis for Unbiased Candidate Assessments

New Recipes:

Revolutionise your hiring process with AI precision - unbiased candidate assessments.

New/Updated Connectors:

Google Vertex AI
Workday Custom Reports
UKG Pro (Onboarding)
Coupa Hiperos
Azure DevOps
Acumatica ERP
MYOB Advanced
Abbyy Flexicapture
Azure Service Bus
Google Ads

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Check our Product Hub