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What’s trending at Workato? - January 12th 2024

Workato employee
Workato employee

What's new?

Remove access to the collaborator's personal Workato workspace

This has been a key ask for our more security-conscious organisations and has been brought up in many conversations with enterprise customers where security and governance are a key consideration.

Why is this important?
This security update prevents collaborators from accessing their own personal Workato workspace. As these personal workspaces are beyond the security and governance control of Workato admins it helps prevent any unauthorized actions from being taken outside of the security and governance guardrails followed by the customer. Existing and new collaborators joining a workspace that has opted in to remove access to their collaborator's personal account will no longer be able to "switch" into their "My" workspace.

Note: This is an OPT-IN security option. If you are interested in this feature, please reach out to your CSM. 

Attached is a reference guide for your information. 


We released the User Audit API as a part of the Development API

That’s one small step for an API, one giant leap for workspace administration:

  • For Developer API:
  • /members to get the list of users for specific Workspace. It returns the id, grant_type, name, email, external_id, array of roles, and time_zone of account members. 
  • /members/:id to get the audit-related information about the one user, the fields are the same as for /members endpoint.
  • We will add a third endpoint /members/:id/privileges to get the granular permissions in each environment. The format of privileges is the same as for /roles endpoint.
  • These new endpoints are added to the API client role in the section Admin -> Collaborators


Check our Documentation 

7 ways to elevate and fortify your security and governance

Following the SECURITY topic today, we wanted to share with you this Product Hour to learn how to secure your data, connectivity, and users while minimizing vulnerabilities. Explore how Workato’s pre-built security features and other capabilities empower you to take control of your security at every step, everywhere.

What will you learn?

  • Product security - the cloud advantage
  • Fortifying workspace access
  • Securing connectivity
  • Levelling up data encryption
  • Audit everything, miss nothing

Watch the recording here!


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