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What’s trending at Workato? - March 1st 2024

Workato employee
Workato employee

This week comes with a special mention. As you may have seen, Gartner released its 2024 MQ for Enterprise iPaaS last week. From a Workato perspective, it was a great outcome; we have been named a leader for the 6th consecutive year!!

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Workato AI@Work Updates
Workato AI@Work continues with new updates and new use cases. This week we have released our Generate Recipe Descriptions with Workato CoPilot to help you generate recipe descriptions in a few seconds. When triggered, CoPilot receives data about your current recipe as well as any recipes called through functions to be able to provide an accurate recipe description. 

In addition, we have implemented a new use case in Workato with GenAI for IT Ops. In this use case, Workato integrates Slack, Amazon Web Services (AWS), and generative AI to handle IT tickets. When a user files a ticket about error messages in an application:
  • AI digests the ticket details.
  • Machine location, EC2 instance IDs, CPU utilization, and other details are identified.
  • Potential causes are analyzed until a conclusion for the error message is determined.
Check the demo video here
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Workflow Apps Release - In-app communication
Another day and more great news from the Workflow Apps team. We are happy to introduce commenting for the requests directly inside the Workflow Apps Portal. 

In an ideal world, every request is straightforward and clear. The requestor fills in all details correctly, and the approvers understand what the request is about and know all the necessary details. The reality is different and additional communication is necessary in many situations.

In the Workflow App, now all the communication between app managers, submitters and approvers can happen directly in the Workflow App portal. This eliminates the need to search for alternative ways of communication to clarify a question or ping the approvers to hurry up. All the comments are displayed alongside the request status changes making an ultimate audit log of all taken decisions and reasons for those.
ReBranding Workato Pub/Sub to Workato Event Streams
Workato PubSub is now Workato Event Streams, and PubSub topics are now called Event topics.

In the ever-evolving data management landscape, the term "Pub/Sub" has become a foundational concept. Still, it represents only one of the messaging patterns, and it may not fully encapsulate the breadth and depth of what our platform offers. The term "event streams" better captures the essence of our robust capabilities. 

Built natively on Kafka, our event streaming functionality combines the reliability and scalability of Kafka with the user-friendly, low-code/no-code ethos that defines the Workato platform. Even non-developers can leverage the full potential of event streams without the complexities traditionally associated with such technologies.
Whether you're orchestrating complex workflows, analyzing streaming data, or powering AI-driven applications, Workato Event Streams provides the foundation for unlocking limitless possibilities!

Please note this branding change doesn’t impact the functionality or any current recipes using this capability. No customer action is required.