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Workato - What’s trending at Workato? - June 7th 2024

Workato employee
Workato employee
Workato 2024 Hackathon Winners
Every year, our business technology (BT) team hosts an internal Hackathon. Like our previous hackathon, this year’s event attracted hundreds of participants. And, just as exciting, many came from less technical backgrounds than that of a “traditional” automation builder. For example, 50% of our administration team participated, while 45% of our legal team partook.
Please check the awards, description of the use cases and demo videos in this link!
The recipes and solutions are easy for people of all backgrounds to create and follow. 
  • Check the automation that uses AI to document your recipes
  • Check the Event Bot the team created to handle mundane and high-repetitive tasks for Marketing Events.
  • Check our updated Deck Bot v2.0, which automatically localizes your slide deck into your desired language.
  • Check a solution that helps you prepare better for your meetings by gathering information about your prospects before the calls.
  • Check the automation that streamlines the Workato Accelerator installation within your workspace.
  • Check out how Workato automation can help you generate all the actions needed for your Event: A program for the event is created in Marketo, the webinar is scheduled in Zoom, the appropriate sequences are added in Outreach, a campaign is created in Salesforce, and an event kit is populated in Google Drive.

Check out the Winners! 

Cyberark Conjur Secrets Manager SupportWe are extremely thrilled to announce support for Cyberark's suite of secret management products: Conjur Cloud, Conjur Enterprise, and Conjur Open Source!

What's New?

  • Native support for 3 Cyberark Conjur Secrets Management Products
    • Conjur Cloud.
    • Conjur Enterprise.
    • Conjur Open Source.

What can users do?

  • Securely create connections on Workato without hardcoding credentials by referencing stored secrets.
  • Connect Conjur to a running on-prem group (Conjur Enterprise / Conjur Open Source) for a full on-prem configuration.
  • Call the clear_cache API to retrieve the latest secret versions if credential rotation is enabled on Conjur.

Why is this important?

Credentials are the key to creating connections on our platform, serving as the bread and butter of Workato. Support for utilising existing secrets from a secrets provider is often a requirement for customers with strict security and compliance requirements, as there is simply no workaround. This allows us to expand our potential customer base for customers who already use Cyberark's suite of secret management tools.












Check out the Topic Documentation →

Platform Connector Updates

Please find the latest updates from the Connectors Team last month.

We have made significant enhancements to various critical strategic connectors, such as Jira, Gmail, S3 and JWT security improvements. Other important bug fixes and enhancements exist, so please check out the full list in the PDF attached.
Top 10 Updates!


  • [Enhancement] New trigger to support deleting tickets

  • [Enhancement] Jira version upgrade


  • [Enhancements] Improve new email trigger

Google Drive

  • [Enhancement] Implement service account authentication for Google Drive connector


  • [Enhancement] Add OPA support to the S3 connector


  • [Enhancement] Add support for writing to table records


  • [Enhancement] Support dynamic template data specification for the 'Send email' action.

  • [Enhancement] API key scoping


  • [Bug] Issue when updating an address

JWT Tools by Workato

  • [Bug] RSA private key in the connection is in plain text

We updated other connectors: SFTP, Dropbox, Salesforce, Workday, Wrike, Zendesk, Docusign, Greenhouse, Zoho, Outlook and others! Please email for more info.

Check out our Documentation Site