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Workato - What’s trending at Workato? - November 24th 2023

Workato employee
Workato employee

Exciting News! Introducing AssistIQ – Your Smart Product Companion!

We understand the challenge of informing our customers and active users about our 700+ releases. We've been publishing updates across various channels, but sometimes, users do miss out on updates they care about.

A couple of years ago, we launched the "Resource Hub" to centralize access to updates, especially for users who use the product actively. But we noticed some hiccups. Users had to leave the product; the content was static and one-size-fits-all. We knew we could do better!

Presenting AssistIQ – Find what matters, faster!

  1. Stay in the Flow: No more context-switching! With AssistIQ, users can discover the latest updates, search docs, discover new features, explore new automation ideas and register for webinars without leaving the current page or task.
  2. Freedom to Move: Customize their workspace! Now, users can move their documentation search window anywhere they like, no more pinned to the right panel. It's all about control and flexibility.
  3. Ever-Fresh Content: Think of it as a personal "app store." We'll be updating content frequently, some even in near real-time, based on user activity and interests. No more outdated information!
  4. Tailored Just for You: Get a highly personalized experience powered by AI. AssistIQ will show each user content based on their interests, journey with Workato, and persona. It's like having a personal content curator!

Hover and click on the AssistIQ icon in the bottom-right corner of the Workato UI to access it!!


Check out our online documentation 

Batch publish and new API for Workato PubSub

We are releasing two Workato PubSub updates that widen its application area for large volumes of events.

  1. Firstly, a new batch publish action allows sending a batch of events to a PubSub topic within one action. It's a valuable addition to the already existing batch trigger. And, as always, with PubSub you can combine batch and single-item actions/triggers in any combination.
  2.  Secondly, PubSub API was moved to a totally new microservice, resulting in noticeable technical improvements:
    • Latency decreased
    • Increased throughput. 

The new API is now available on a new domain, The old API version continues to work, we are not planning to sunset it. Both versions share the same auth tokens and the same data format for /publish and /consume endpoints, so it should be pretty easy for you to migrate your apps.

When will you benefit from these updates?

  • You need an EDA way of processing large volumes (sub-millions and up) of events, decoupling consumers from producers.
  • You want to optimize your task usage - by leveraging more batch-enabled triggers/actions and by direct access to PubSub topic via API.
  • You build integrations with Workato that are sensitive to latency on the API side.

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Community Connectors: What’s new in October
In the month of October, we have been releasing 16 connectors and 5 example use cases to the Community Library!
Please check with your CSM for any details on the below connectors or use cases!!

We have also launched the updates in our documentation for easy access: 
New Recipes addressing relevant business use cases:
New/Updated Connectors:

Visit Product Hub for details!