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Connector SDK Cheat Sheet

Happy to share a collection of links to resources for everybody who wants to become a Workato Connector SDK expert.This includes quick start guides, courses, training videos, reference libraries, example connectors, and in-depth guidelines for beginn...

Callable Recipes: output size limit

Hi all, I'm testing the use of callable sub-recipes and I incurred in a limit on the size of the output. I t seams that the Json I'm returning gets truncated.Here some more details on the Json:1) it's speciefied with json schema in the sub-recipes tr...

Developer API Limitations

Hi, I'm trying to get information about recipes our team has created via the Developer API ( In particular, I'd like to know who created the latest version of the recipe to attribute them as th...

bud by Deputy Chef I
  • 9 replies
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Active Directory- Create User Password

Hello automation Pros!I am working on a recipe that creates users in Active Directory using Windows Server.I am trying to map Password but I can't find the field to map it.According to AD Docs the field should be: userPasswordSearching by Passw... i...

bcastro by Deputy Chef I
  • 6 replies
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