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Recipe Documentation

I need to document how recipes function in Workato into Confluence. Does anyone have any suggestions on how they handle the documentation on how their recipe works for external systems? This is done for groups who do not have access to Workato to vie...

API Connection Timeout Issue

Hi everyone,We ran into an issue, I have setup connection with client id and client secret which will give me access token to call APIs, now the issue is after 24 hours the token was expired. So now I am not able to run my recipe without reconnecting...

Logger Mechanism

Hey Everyone,Can anyone guide me on how to implement the logger mechanism in Workato?I have used Logger By Workato. Now my end goal is to maintain all these logs with every job execution so that I can identify errors for par jobs.

SDK help

Hi Community,I am applying for a position in workato, and this is my first time to create a custom connector. This is the last task i need to do and i cant seem to complete it. The connector is a trigger event from Stripe New customer to Salesforce.M...

Recursive schema section ?

We have a section in our output schema that is Recursive and can go down as many levels as the customer needs, doing this in java is simple however i cant seem to work out how to do this in a workato output schema.Im looking for some way to add a reu...

Workato Automation Accelerators

Hello,One of the key factors in a project implementation is the time to go-live. While low-code/no-code is a paradigm that can incredibly boost this, we would like to introduce something that can act as add-on to accelerate, that not only demonstrate...


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