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Workbot for Teams

Hi everyone (:My name is Dans and I'm new to Workbot for Teams. I have a question for those of you who already use it:We have separate environments in WK (dev and prod) but in Teams, there is only one workspace, and the connector can only be active i...

March product updates:

Product updates:Check out some key updates to the product last month:Delightful employee experiences with SuccessFactorsSimplifying  user access management with Google WorkspaceMaking API discovery easyOne-click schema mappingNewly designed recipe ca...

tridivesh by Workato employee
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Excel XLSM Splitting

Hey Everyone! I'm new to Workato and wanted to see if anyone has solved for the ability to split larger Excel workbooks into singular CSV's to use the utility Workato CSV Parser action? Or if anyone has some pro tips on tackling large excel workbook...

canderson by Deputy Chef I
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Custom Connector - Custom Auth

I'm realtively new to Workato and trying to write a custom connector for an application we support. The API has an...interesting authentication approach for user scoped calls. It requires the user ID to be in the token request body but it's not true ...

gquigley by Deputy Chef I
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PubSub Triggers

Are there plans to support batching of messages with the PubSub Trigger? For example, instead of calling a recipe once per message I would like to get 10, 20, 30, etc messages from the top of the queue each recipe call. These would be batched and sen...

dferguson by Deputy Chef I
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AD LDAP connector

Hi Pros,I haven’t used LDAP connector extensively in the past. Just began to learn and was overwhelmed by how many fields there were.I was trying to do two simple things - list users in an OU, list users in a group. But I couldn’t achieve that within...

Netsuite connector role/permissions update

If a Netsuite connector is initialized and the attached Netsuite role is subsequently updated with a new or updated permission, I've noticed that the connector isn't made aware of this change either immediately or after a few minutes.I couldn't find ...

jason1 by Deputy Chef I
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