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Best way to create a list of CSVs to attach to an email

Deputy Chef II
Deputy Chef II

I've looked through lists by workato, variables by workato, files by workato and can't find a great way to take all the CSVs created in a repeat step/loop (CSV Parser by workato) and add each of them to an email (as attachments). Any advice?


Multiple CSVs all as separate attachments. I did end up getting it to work just using the String datatype. Much appreciated!

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Can you share how?  I have a need to do the same thing: attach all PDFs in a particular directory to a single email as a bunch of attachments, and I can't quite figure it out.

Executive Chef III
Executive Chef III

If you have many PDFs to send, you have to first put them into a list. The list should have two pieces of data:

  1. The file data OR a file URL
  2. A filename (but if not you can always construct one)

If they're already in a list with this data, then you're halfway there.

If they're not in a list, then you need to make a list to add them into, like this:


Then add each of your PDFs to this list. There are a bunch of different ways to do this, but I'd need to know more about your source data.

Once they're in a list, you map this list into the email action, like this: