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Microsoft Analysis Services Connection?

Deputy Chef I
Deputy Chef I

Hi Pros, I am wondering if you can connect to an on-prem Microsoft Analysis Service? If so, can anyone point me in the right direction for the config.yml settings required for Workato?


Workato employee
Workato employee

Hi Greg, it might be tricky because SSAS does not provide an easy to access REST API, however it does have an XML API. I can give some ideas on how this could be done.

1. SSAS does offer XML/SOAP web api, you will need to activate it following these instructions. The process requires admin rights to create IIS8 profile etc.

then using HTTP profile configure to access the HTTP endpoint on IIS

2. (probably easier) Go via MS SQL Sever connector, I do not think we can connect today to SSAS instance but if you can create a virtual-table / View or databump into one SQL Server database then you would have an access point.

The #2 will be a MS SQL Server profile

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey Greg Fraser, were you able to find a solution to this?