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Product Update: Python Connector & Excel Files

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey Pros!

Happy to announce a simple but important upgrade to our Python connector to support the parsing and handling of Excel files (as compared to simple CSV files).

Excel is the most popular spreadsheet tool in the world and is common in almost any business function, from marketing to finance. Now, users are able to work with two libraries - xlrd and openpyxl to read/write data to/from excel files. These libraries also open up another set of use cases with our recently announced Pandas libraries for data manipulation and transformation. Any customers using the Python connector should find this useful to expand the types of files they can parse data using the Python connector.

Please reach out to your Workato rep if you have any questions and reply below to let us know your thoughts!



Deputy Chef III
Deputy Chef III

When i try to open the link to the solution pantry it takes me to  Did the location for the example change?

Thanks for the update, @bboren. I'll look into this!

Deputy Chef I
Deputy Chef I


where can I find a tutorial to use this?

Hi @julio_jaquez,

You can explore these types of recipes in Workato's recipe library here: