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Recipe Feature of the Day: AI-driven job interview analysis

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi y’all! Kayla here, Workato’s Marketing Communications Manager.

I wanted to share a recipe that’s been getting a lot of love recently in case it’s helpful for anyone here in the community. Check it out below and reply directly to this post if you have any particular recipes you want to see next!

This one is all about the hiring process ⬇️ 

AI-Driven Job Interview Analysis for Improved Candidate Profiling

1️⃣ Once a candidate interview is complete in Zoom, the cloud recording is automatically processed through OpenAI

2️⃣ The intelligent analysis from OpenAI extracts valuable nuggets of insights from the interview transcript

3️⃣ Then, a comprehensive interview note is generated in your HRIS so your HR team has a holistic view of the candidate's strengths and attributes

Done and done

I feel like this AI-infused automation would be a game-changer for recruiters – it also helps to ensure that every candidate receives a fair evaluation. Who’s going to try this one out??

Here’s the recipe in our community library: