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Recipe testing, now automated

Workato employee
Workato employee

Hey Pros, we get that recipe testing is tedious, and it takes more time and effort than you would like. That’s why we’ve been working behind the scenes to develop a new capability: test automation

This time-saving feature allows you to create test cases for any of your recipes, so you can test recipes directly on Workato with mock or simulated data. The second component of this new feature is automated checks, which you can use to check the output value of any step, against your expected outcome, automatically!

Try your hand at creating a test case, and let us know how you like the feature!


Executive Chef I
Executive Chef I

Great new capability, especially the Platform API's to trigger test cases on multiple levels.

Is there a roadmap on this topic and its close relationship to CI/CD?

For example: when performing a deployment (on project level when you have 3 environments), include / exclude automated testing? Same for the CI/CD accelerator?