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Scheduler to run every 1min

Deputy Chef I
Deputy Chef I

Hi Team,

To run a Scheduler every 1min, im using Custom Scheduler value as 0-59 * * * *

Can anyone suggest more options on this?


What recipe you are talking about

It could be that running a recipe every one minute in a cloud iPaaS is not feasible. What use case you are trying to achieve? An alternate design needs to be in place for this scenario.

What I can perceive is that there are new jobs triggering before the earlier jobs complete their execution. You should always have a design to ensure that you ignore processing of new jobs when any job is executing currently at this time. For this you need to store the execution status of a job in persistent memory and query it to find out if there is any job running. Please reach out to me directly if you need further assistance.

Workato employee
Workato employee

The default trigger limitation is shortest = 5 mins. Can cron job bypass this limit ?