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Understanding Text Intent

Executive Chef I
Executive Chef I

I have a use case that will require for an app to "read" and text and derive the intent of it. I am wondering if anyone knows of any good app to derive intent from text. I want to explore the option of building something simlar to the DocParser integration described here, but for text intent.


Workato employee
Workato employee

Hi Manuel, For this scenario, you need use one of the document processing connectors to extract the text and use Google Vision connector which has the NLP component to understand the intent. Hope this helps!

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Use GPT-3! 🙂
I recorded a video a while back on how to use it in Workato!

You can easily send it your text with a prompt like:
Tell me the user's intent from this text: [THETEXT]


Workato / eCommerce Integration Consultant

Workato employee
Workato employee

Hi Manny - in general you have to provide some training data to train the model to your specific requirements. There are services such as AWS Sagemaker which make the process simpler. Can you share more of your use case and we may be able to suggest some additional options.

Deputy Chef III
Deputy Chef III

Check out Quillbot. I was looking for something like this myself, and found that Quillbot has some cool options. There is not an API avialable on their website, but if you search, it appears that some people have created API access on the side. Not sure.

Deputy Chef II
Deputy Chef II

There's now a connector for OpenAI GPT that can be used to derive intent.  It's available through the Community Library