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(NEW) Integration Developer Certification - Q&A

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Hey everyone,

We wanted to let folks in our community be some of the first to know that we have launched a new Integration Developer Certification from Workato!

🔥Click here to register for the certification! 🔥


This certification is designed to validate your skills and abilities as a Workato Integration Developer. In order to sign up for a cohort click “Get Started” on the course and register!

Note: All cohorts are tentative dates. We will have further communication on specific dates.

This certification process is split into two portions. The first is a 60-question multiple choice assessment (the "assessment") and the second is a practical process where you will submit materials and a recording describing how you have architected a prompted use case both conceptually and in Workato (the "practicum").

This thread will be a space on the community for folks to talk about the newly launched Integration Developer Certification and ask questions. We know that this is a complex practicum that can be solved in a variety of different ways. The purpose is for this to be an open forum and NOT a place to share answers. If we find someone sharing answers or solutions, we reserve the right to revoke or fail your certification.

  • Please use good judgement when posting

  • Do not post exam questions or answers to exam questions

  • Do not do work on behalf of someone

  • Do not work in teams on the practicum. We know that you might chat about the practicum but please be sure to put together your own solution and videos.

Some examples of good questions to ask or discussions to have on this forum:

  • I had X assumption from the practicum description; is this accurate?

  • What does X part of the instructions mean?

  • When is the next cohort happening?

  • How do I sign up for the next cohort?

Some examples of questions or responses that will be flagged:

  • Can you share the recipe you did for scenario one?

  • Screenshots illustrating practicum solutions

  • What is the best way to do X in scenario two?

If you have any questions about the certification, the requirements, or the benefits, don’t hesitate to ask on this forum!


Julien from Automation Institute



Deputy Chef III
Deputy Chef III

Woo wooo!

Deputy Chef III
Deputy Chef III

Hi All,

Should you require additional information about the exam, please feel free to reach out. I successfully completed the exam in COHORT 1 and would be happy to provide guidance if needed.

Hello @shivakumara ,

I have few questions regarding Integration Developer Exam, and I would really appreciate your help here.

- What's the exact timeline to complete the assessment and submission respectively?
- What are the passing criteria?

Thank You!

Hi @SaurabhP ,
    Thank you for your message. Here My answer for the questions

  • What's the exact timeline to complete the assessment and submission respectively?
        The timeline extends over two weeks, beginning at the start of each month. For instance, if the Cohort is open for the following month, assessments need to be submitted by April 15th, 2024. Results are expected by the end of each month (in this case it will APRIL 30th 2024).
  • What are the passing criteria?
       MCQ consists of 60 Questions and passing percentage is 70%, followed by 2 Scenario based use case where we need solve it and submit the assessment. Examiner will assess your answer and provide the marks considering below points.

    --> Recipe(s) works as intended
    --> Recipe(s) and content represents data accurately in a clean, presentable format
    --> Recipe(s) and contents use or shows evidence of error handling
    --> Clear descriptions are observed in recipe(s), recipe steps, and job report organization
    --> Recipe(s) and contents are optimized for efficient consumption
    --> The overall design exhibits modularized reusability and scalability
    --> The overall design shows evidence of debugging

    I hope I addressed all your inquiries. Please feel free to let me know if you have any remaining doubts or questions.