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ADP Integration Trigger

Deputy Chef II
Deputy Chef II


Working on an ADP Integration but having issue with the lack of Trigger actions from the connector and also don't know ADP at all.

I want to move every new/updated Worker to my Application but even if I set a Scheduled recipe how to know if I already sync the Worker in a Search, is there a way to add custom field on ADP, or like a last modified date, also I am not able to use Connector SDK for this integration. 


Deputy Chef III
Deputy Chef III

@borre842 , not sure why I didnt go with the community connector as there was an official one available. Although not with the Event Trigger in it. Community looks more robust so if we expand our capabilities, it could help better. 

Right now we only utilize the time off request codes. Any other events are discarded. For 300 people company, we use about 3k tasks a month with the Project so 36k-ish a year in tasks and it only runs from 8a-5p Mon - Fri in 15 minute increments. My setup is below. I have a main job to determine if I need to process it (Event Subscribe). There is a bunch of IF statements for the code value of the event pending where it needs to go. It probably could be more simple. There is Event Data in the JSON and then Event Specific Data that I needed which is why the JSON parse is in there depending on which code value is there. The schema changes based on the event. 


With ADP, you can designate what events you want so only take in the ones you are using. Also if you dont get a timely response, make sure to escalate to your account rep. It took 5 weeks for us to get an event stream turned on. Support only responded when we escalated.

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Great to know thanks, yeah sadly one my requirement from the customer is to run this every 5 Minutes as this is "Critical Data" they need as soon as possible so that is why I Wanted to review every change o update Worker instead of Schedule..

I will wait for the Customer Access to his ADP and let you know of the result of the Integration using the community Connector..

Just checking in to see if you were able to get with ADP and connected correctly. 

Hi there, @borre842!

Just checking to see if you're able to get access to your customer's ADP and the result of your tests using the Community Connector/SDK.

Thank you!