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Discover: Enhancements to the existing Accelerators (February 2024)

Workato employee
Workato employee

Our customers' input was instrumental in the updates made to several accelerators. Check out the changes below:

EDH V3.3:


   Bulk Upsert 

  • Recipe Funcation added with SQLs to perform bulk upsert in SQL Server Database
  • JS Validation Function created to generate case statements support by SQL Server

   Fuzzy Matching

  • Fuzzy matching action is added to the DataHub connector.
  • API Endpoint created to accept the request from Connector action.
  • Snowflake JARO Wrinkler Function was added in Customisations as an example to extend the fuzzy matching logic.

   Data Guardian

  • Workflow App created for Approving the request.
  • Data Stewardship Data table is added to the Data Hub solution to save Data Gaurdian Requests.
  • Recipe added for managing of Data Gaurdian requests

OPA Manager V3.0:

New features:

  • Create, Update, Delete and sSearch OPG Operations from UI
  • Create, Update, Delete and sSearch OPA Operations from UI


  • Removed accessing config files from On-Prem command line scripts and commands will be provided in the connection itself
  • Updated to access version of OPAs

CICD V3.3:

New features:

  • Project Property Migration.
  • New Category in User Roles for restricting Production Deployments.
  • AUDC Server Supported for Connecting to the Workato Platform.
  • Test Automation Results Displayed to Slack & MS Teams UI.


  • New Droplist in Slack & MS Teams UI to select the Property Type (Environment & Project).
  • Assign Deployment Reviews to Individual, or to Everyone in a Group or Channel.

SOAR V2.1:

New features:

  • Efficient Integration of User Comments from Slack to Interact with AI Security Co-Pilot.
  • Seamless Communication with AI Security Co-Pilot for Detailed Insights, Recommendations, and Additional Functionality.
  • AI-Generated Explanations for Each Recommendation.


  • Enhanced User Interface (UI) for Slack.
  • Enhanced Calibration of Prompt sent to Gen AI Platform for the AI Security Co-Pilot.

AQS V3.2

New features:

  • Task Optimisation Assessment: Added a Recipe to download Task Optimisation Assessment Results.


  • Custom Rules: Modified Custom Rules Recipes for improved alignment with custom rule specifications.
  • Improvements: Variable total_count in List Quality Assessment Executions recipes for Slack & MSTeams, migrated from configuration parameter to project property for streamlined configuration management.

Knowledge Workbot V2.0

New features:

  • Interactions: Making Workbot fully Conversational
  • Access Control: Application specific access control for Workbot users

Workato Reporting Embedded V1.1.1

New features:

  • Alert for error percentage
  • CSV Report update to add summary fields


  • Fixed HTML report for month format to align with 0-11 format for Google Charts

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