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Enhancement: Export/Print Dependency Graph and Trigger Type Indicator

Executive Chef I
Executive Chef I

Hi Workato Team,

2 suggestions for new features:

1. It would be very useful if we could export the dependency graph to excel or CSV. One use case is: I want a list of all the recipes that are connected to Salesforce. I can see them in the graph, but I cannot export them (to use them as a checklist or so).

2. Another feature that would be helpful: in the dependency graph, if you can show (maybe with an icon) the type of trigger the recipe has (callable, scheuler, teams, webhook) it would be easier to identify the if a recipe is relevant or not to the search you're performing.

Tridivesh Sarangi - maybe you ca forward this to the relevant folks. Thanks!


Executive Chef I
Executive Chef I

Additional idea to point 2: I would be very handy to see in the dependency graph whether a callable recipe is synchronous or asynchr (+ that option to wait for asynch to finish).

Workato employee
Workato employee

Manuel Roldan-Vega - Thanks for sharing the use cases and suggestions. In the example you shared i.e. listing recipes connected to Salesforce, can you share how that list will be used? Is it for audit purposes, or for analyzing the impact in case changes to the Salesforce connection was made? I can see similar requirements for callable recipes/lookup tables or any resource that has multiple dependencies.

Also curious, what additional benefits do you see by creating an export of the dependency graph? We have heard some customers wanting to import this data into their existing data lineage repositories.

Nishtha Mehrotra - FYI

Hi Tridi,

You're absolutely right. All of the above.

Impact analysis would be our primary use case. Not only for connections, but recipes, callables, lookup tables, and any other resource.

I can see how it could also be used for lineage too. For that use case i think we would need additional metadata at the recipe level, like objects (at least), otherwise i am not sure if it would be very helpful.

If you're going in this direction, please also keep in mind a Dependency API. That would be very useful to automate the w*rk out ot these two use cases. 😉

Workato employee
Workato employee

Thanks Manuel Roldan-Vega. We have several enhancements lined up for dependency graph. Like Tridi said, we have heard requests about exporting the dependency graph. It's in the backlog at this moment. We will explore what the best export format should be. But thanks for the details on the use cases. Maybe we can have a session on the enhancements to the dependency graph with you when we have it in preview.