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NetSuite Expense Report Updates

Deputy Chef III
Deputy Chef III

We currently house our expense reporting in Concur and then there is an Integration point Concur > Workato > NetSuite to drop into NetSuite Expense Reports. We need to develop a process to update the Expense Report Line items that are marked billable.

I have the process built and the issue I am running into is updating the line level once the new record was created to confirm it was created.

Workato sits on a different role than the role I use and we gave it full Expense Report permissions. I can confirm that myself and Workato are able to edit Expense Reports.

CSV Import

To Test out to make sure I could update line level, I followed these directions and it worked successfully to mark those lines. The only problem was that It re-created the LIne Numbers when I used the Ref Number. I cant use Line Number due to line number being the same for many when the import from Concur Happens. I think that's ok but I'll have to review further.

Update Custom Fields per Line Item in Expense Reports by CSV Import (


When I try to update the Report from the line using Workato, I get that I need to put Currency and Amount in because Multi-Currency is checked. I am not updating those because I just need to update the one field.

Has anyone had success updating a line without recreating the Entire Expense Sublist or developed a workaround?


Deputy Chef I
Deputy Chef I
option 1 can you try sourcing the currency and amount values from NetSuite or include them with each line from your data source, and just set them even tho they won't "change" ?
option 2 can you determine which lines need these edits prior to them going into NS?  if so then try and do that rather than separate create in NS, update in NS process steps.


Deputy Chef III
Deputy Chef III

Anthony OConnor , I worked with NetSuite a bit. We decided to go a different direction with how we do this. If we write back data to the Expense Report using Ref No, it could alter the line order and we do not want that. We cannot use Line Num because there are multiples of them based on memo and expense category.

If the ref no is supplied then it will update the line number on update.

What we decided to put an external ID on our new record to correspond with the Expense Line and Ref no (Ex:10000-1)